Thursday, January 19, 2012


Dr. Macicek had nothing but good news today! Witt hadn't had an echocardiogram in almost 2 years. The one today showed that Witt's heart isn't any worse and actually a tiny bit better in some ways! He said that clinically Witt looks a lot better. Witt is only on four medications which is amazing. Dr. Macicek said to try weaning Witt off of one of his two doses of diuretic and even possibly turn some of his vent settings down slightly. Melanie will try this in a few weeks. Tomorrow Witt has his 6 month checkup with Dr. Ruiz, the pulmonologist. Right now I am shouting "How Great is Our God, He is Mighty to Save!"
Dr. Macicek and Witt!

It takes most the afternoon to have the echo, xray and get the results.
We did manage to keep ourselves entertained!


cheryl said...

I am in awe of the Mighty Hand of our God!!! I think back to sleeping on the floor of the hospital room the night Witt was born...Karen and I sharing a pillow from the pull out couch, wondering what we would learn the next day and what the future would look like. I remember Mel and Austan being instantly in love with Witt. I remember Mel getting up and out of that hospital bed in record time to get to her baby. I remember celebrating his one week birthday in fine style, thanks to Annalee, because we weren't sure that we would be able to celebrate a "real" birthday with him. I remember the FAITH of both families as we gathered at the hospital as often as possible. Witt came home much sooner than I expected and we were thrilled! THEN, I remember looooong hospital stays...but, during those stays I remember joy and faith and smiles and LAUGHTER! How Mel and Austan could muster a smile, much less a laugh, during these times, always floored me. Now, Witt is 3 and he seems so incredibly healthy that the hospital seems a distant memory to me. Carson doesn't even think that he lives at the hospital anymore!!! I'm sure it's not so distant for Mel and Austan. But, against all human "odds" Witt is THRIVING! He is a happy little boy that blesses everyone who has the honor of meeting him! God is constantly touching and changing lives through Witt and Mel and Austan, one heart at a time...and I am so VERY blessed to have a front row seat. I live in awe. I love you guys more than I can possibly express!

Raley Family Blog said...

Praising the Lord!