Sunday, September 18, 2011


Witt is having a couple of procedures tomorrow morning. He has to be at the Texas Children's Clinic at 6:00am. Somewhere around 7am he will have tubes put in his ears, a tear duct unclogged and the ENT will take a look with a scope at the trach area. Our prayer is that this is a simple one hour process and Witt will get to go home tomorrow. A cardiac anesthesiologist will be used and if there are any concerns at all Witt will be kept over night. I am praying that without a doubt God is control and that His presence is felt by believers and nonbelievers alike...all to His infinite glory!!
Today Witt, Mel and Austan went to the second worship service of Bayou City Fellowship! Curtis' sermon was based on Peter and walking on the water to Christ. Curtis gave this definition of overcoming: "Keep moving forward with faith, hope and joy in tact." He also said that even if you fail, maybe because of doubt like Peter, at least like Peter you should fail towards Christ. I couldn't help but think of Melanie and Austan and their journey with Witt. How amazing is our Lord that He empowered Mel and Austan to continue to walk on this path filled with faith, hope and joy. I remember marveling at how much laughter there was even in the PICU waiting room! I also couldn't help but think of the family that having just lost their child invited me to be a part of their prayer that ended with them joyfully proclaiming over and over again: "Nevertheless, we will praise You, nevertheless we will praise You!!!" They undoubtedly overcame.


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Sonja said...

I think Witt might be charismatic! He is definitely into worship. :)

I woke up praying for him this morning, that all would go easy and quickly for Witt and he will be home again today.

Love you all!