Sunday, May 8, 2011


Melanie, I know that if Witt could say the words, he would most definitely say Happy Mother's Day to the best mom! I know because I see it in his eyes and his smile when you walk in the room! Today at church Gregg talked about a mom's sacrificial love. I know of no better earthly example than the kind of mom God has called you to be...the kind of mom God has empowered you to be...the kind of mom God has blessed you to be!!! AND I know how much Witt loves you!!!!

The best moms need a rest too!


Sonja said...

I would have to say a huge AMEN to this! Melanie... you shine!! Happy Mother's Day!

Witt looks so adorable, and soo BIG BOY with that cute hair cut!



Gayle said...

Sweet post! God certainly knows the perfect mom for each of His children. You are a precious mom, Melanie. I love watching Witt's face light up when you are with him.
Great pictures from Colorado!
happy Mother's Day, Melanie!
Bobby and Gayle

Wykate said...

The Lord brings you to mind often. Hoping Witt and family are doing well.