Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Witt and some of the crew are en route to Colorado!

They got off to a bright and early start this morning,
before it was even bright outside.
 The first stop of the day was a good one.
 Folding tables make great changing tables,
 at pit stops.
Everyone took a lunch break in Witchita Falls.
The trip plans include traveling to Amarillo tonight
and Winter Park tomorrow!

As always, thank you for your prayers.
This is by far the longest trip Witt has even been on
and while it is SUCH an exciting thing
prayers for safety, health and peace are greatly appreciated.


Elizabeth said...

So glad to see Mr. Witt doing so well! wishing your family a very blessed Easter and a happy and safe trip.

Gayle said...

We were so excited to see Witt, and the rest of the family in Amarillo. Barbeque was requested (of course) and brought in for dinner. Those onion rings were soooo good! The company was exceptional! We will continue to pray for them as they continue their journey. What a blessed Easter it will be in Colorado! Oh how I thank God for what He has done for each of us! Because HE LIVES, we can see tomorrow! Blessed are they that put their trust in Him! How blessed we are!
Love you all so much,
Bobby and Gayle