Wednesday, November 3, 2010


The last couple of weeks have been filled with celebration, fun and food!!! First, we celebrated Witt's 2nd birthday!!!!
The house was incredibly decorated and the treats
were delicious...especially Mel's famous cake pops!

Mel and Austan provided a feast that we all enjoyed!

Many friends and family celebrated with Witt!

And then there was Trick or Treating!!!

You can't help but celebrate with Witt...celebrate what our God
has already accomplished in Witt's first 2 years!!!!!


Raley Family Blog said...

What a celebration! So thankful that Witt is now 2 and that he is at home celebrating life! Love you all and LOVE seeing the pictures of everyone. Hugs to all.

Katie and Justin Cox said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY WITT!!! What a great party you had!! Your momma knows how to do it up right! :) AND you are the CUTEST scarecrow I've ever seen... hands down!! So much to celebrate!! Congrats Lupher Family!!

The Primitique said...

Oh! I am so glad to see the celebration! And that Halloween outfit is the best! What a cutie! Thanks for sharing the ups. I love hearing about them. ~Mindy

Wykate said...

If that isn't the cutest scarecrow ever...!

Nancy said...

What a joy to share in Witt's amazing birthday--you are such a great mom, Mel! And the scarecrow costume is PERFECT! Love you all!

sandy said...

I love the scarecrow costume. Witt looked like he enjoyed it so much! He gets more handsome with every picture. Happy 2nd Birthday to a very special child!

annalee said...

melt my heart, all over again! i love these pictures and praises!

Debbie Mueller said...

What a precious blessing Witt has been to so many lives. He has definitely touched mine. So thankful Witt had so much fun celebrating his 2nd birthday. Thank you for sharing him with us.

Elizabeth said...

What a WONDERFUL JOB on Mr. Witt's scarecrow costume!!!! Mr. Witt looks so happy and adorable! Wishing your family many more celebrations!!!! Witt is always in my prayers.


Kelli said...

Witt you are the most rocking 2 year old ever!

And your scarecrow costume was perfect! I loved you in it!!

Jenn said...

What a cutie pie! Witt is absolutely precious and such a joy! I love the pics! Love you guys!

The Attic Girls said...

Happy Birthday Witt! You are the CUTEST scarecrow I have EVER seen!
Great smile too. :)