Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Witt is now in surgery! Mel and Austan are in the waiting room visiting with us. Right now I want to praise God for His peace and for His joy that cannot be stolen...even by someone that leaves anonymous comments that do not bring Him glory!! For that reason...because above all we desire the name of Christ to be exalted...we have(hopefully temporarily) blocked anonymous comments from the blog.


Stephanie said...

Witt and his entire family are in my prayers.
~from Central Missouri

heather bell said...

Be careful your financial supporters are wathching, this blog.
Heather Bell

Arrie said...

We are praying for and with you all!

ACU Alumni

cheryl said...

I LOVE you Luphers!!! I'm so very proud of you!

Raley Family Blog said...

Praying for Witt now as the surgery continues. Praying for peace and comfort for Mel and Austan. Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us. Love you all.