Monday, March 15, 2010


Tomorrow between 10:00am and 12:00 Witt is scheduled for trach surgery. This is a surgery that we had hoped and still hope would not have to happen. Most of us cannot even imagine being on the path that Melanie and Austan have been called to walk on with Witt. Today in the waiting room I visited with a mom and dad that do know. Their daughter is age 12 and has the equally rare trisomy 10 condition. The father smiled as he talked of the incredible joy that Paige has brought into their lives and tears filled his eyes as he talked of the pain of giving up the "normal" hopes and expectations they had as parents for their daughter. Not long ago I was home and let the girls(Mel's miniature dachshunds) out in the backyard. The 2 Christmas trees that Austan had bought caught my attention.

This breaks my heart...their Christmas trees that never got used.
Any of us feeling sorry for ourselves?
Not me...I just remember the hopes
and dreams of Mel's and Austan's for their son
that God took and carved into His own
and lay all my expectations down!

I pray that God fill each of us with the kind of trust and faith
that I have been privileged to see in Melanie and Austan.
I pray that we are all filled with the fullness of their Christ!


trash talk said...

If you get a moment (and I know it's hard getting one right now) please go over to Tricia at the Domestic Fringe
She wrote the most wonderful post and I thought you might like to read it. Praying for healing that only He can provide.

trash talk said...

Here's the URL again.

Debbie M. said...

Austan & Melanie are truly wonderful, loving parents to Witt. Their devotion to Witt is so strong. They amaze me. Praying for the surgery tomorrow, and for Austan & Melanie in the days to come, as they deal with continuing to care for precious Witt.

Gayle said...

Praying and standing on the promises of God!
God made Witt (us) in His image and likeness. We were created by our Maker to fulfill a purpose--His purpose. We, as humans, have many questions and very few,if any, answers, BUT, we have an amazing, loving, compassionate, omnipresent Father who knows all! As we(Mel, Austan, and the family and the rest of us prayer warriors) lean on Him and and get a glimpse through His eyes, He gives us the strength, peace, comfort, and JOY to keep us going one more minute, one more hour , and one more day.
Praise God! We haven't walked in Mel and Austan's shoes but, my oh my, we are amazed by their strength. I was praying for them and had this picture of them raising their arms to God, not in crying out, "Why me, Lord?", but "We're yours, Lord!"
We hold you in our hearts and our prayers. We continue to ask God for healing for Precious Witt and trust God's perfect will. We love you so much!
Bobby, Gayle, Jennifer, and Joseph

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