Thursday, January 21, 2010



Most couples never get an MRI of their child for their anniversary but that is the path that God has Melanie and Austan on. It is a path that they as individuals and a couple have walked with trust and faithfulness. Only four years of marriage and yet God has been infinitely glorified!
Mel and Austan had "Adonai" sung at their wedding. Here are some of the words from that song:
One timid faithful knock
Resounds upon the Rock of Ages
One trembling heart and soul
becomes a servant bold and courageous
You call across the mountains and seas
I answer from the deepest part of me
Adonai, I lift up my heart and I cry
My Adonai
You are the Maker of each moment
Father of my hope and freedom
Oh, my Adonai
Oh, From age to age you reign in Majesty
And today You're making miracles in me
Adonai, I lift up my heart and I cry
My Adonai, You are Maker of each moment
Oh, Father of my hope and freedom
Oh, my Adonai
Melanie and Austan, your faithful walk in your marriage is a true and living witness to all of us to what God can do if He is our Adonai...our Lord and Master. Today, I thank God that He gave you to each other and Witt to both of you!!!


Kay Ostrom said...

great pictures! everyone is in our prayers today.

The Apiary said...

Will pray for a great MRI that all goes well.. And that Mel and Austin get just a second today to remember they day that got married together.

trash talk said...

Theirs is an amazing walk together that even the oldest among us would find difficult...yet they manage with a grace that defies their ages. Happy anniversary. I'll be praying for all to go well with the MRI.

Raley Family Blog said...

I love the pictures of Witt! Happy Anniversary Austan and Mel! 4 years where did the time go??? Love you all and continue to pray for your sweet little one!

Debbie Mueller said...

Happy Anniversary, Melanie & Austan! May you have many more blessed years together! Praying without ceasing for precious Witt.

craftymarta said...

Melanie and Austan, you are both so young and so wise, mature and God filled, more abundantly than some. The fact that the Lord entrusted in your hands precious Witt is a testament of how highly He thinks of both of you. Whatever plans God have for you and your little one remember every day that God is so good, always, no matter the circumstances. I was blessed with a special one and with a gent of a husband. We took care of our son for as long as God pleased to let us. The fact that we live in the hospital for the 3 first years of his life and a lot after that didn't distroyed our relationship but strenghted it. We will celebrate 24 years in April, some people used to tell me to be ready to take care of our son on my own since men can't handle it. Well, they didn't know my husband or Austin. By the Grace of God I wish you many more to come with little Witt as the everlasting bond for you.Blessings, Marta.
PD I have been following Witt story from the beginning and I can trully tell you I love your little men as if he was mine. You are indeed blessed.

Jami Nato said...

what a sweet baby. you guys are awesome parents and very courageous.

Gayle said...

Happy Fourth Anniversary, Mel and Austan!!! God has definitely been the Maker of your moments, your hope, and your miracles because you opened your hearts to Him. What a precious family you are!
We see such love and joy in those pictures! Sooooo sweet!
You are in our hearts and prayers.
Bobby and Gayle