Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Here is what Melanie wrote on her facebook:

Witt is to the point of needing another heart surgery or a transplant but the cardiologist don't think he will qualify for a transplant and we have no way of knowing if the surgery will help. Please pray, Austan and I have a lot of hard choices to make soon.


rise' said...

Friends here are praying for all of you! Love you!!

Anonymous said...

Melanie, Austan family

I have come to love all of you. I will continue to pray for strength and peace. I am here if you need anything. You dont have to speak a word and I will still be standing there just for support. May the lord guide you to the right path.

With all the love and support,


Nancy said...

I received your text this morning and tried to text back, but my phone isn't reliable, so I'm not sure that you received it.

I'm loving each of you and asking God to meet each specific need at every given moment. I'm lifting up Melanie and Austan, and asking God to give them strength and discernment during this excruciating time.

We can't know what God has planned for Witt, but we stand firm in the knowledge that He is good, and His will is just and purposeful. We know he loves Witt, and cradles him, Melanie and Austan in the palm of his hand.

We rest in the assurance that ALL things work to the good of the Lord for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. We know that Christ Himself stands before God as Witt's intercessor. He will give you everything you need to face the days ahead and decisions you may be called to make.

I'm praying that His peace shelters each of you during this unimaginable season.

Finally, I'm praying fervently for Witt's miraculous healing. I'm grateful for those who know our Savior a little better because of this precious life, and I'm asking God to please continue using Witt for His glory here on earth.

I love you--Cadou

sonja said...

I have been praying, for special wisdom from God for you and Austan. I know that He is holding Witt, and He already knows the answers. I also am praying for peace of heart and mind for you guys. You are honestly my HEROES!

I know, I know... but still, you ARE!

Hugs and love,

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

I continue to pray for wisdom, peace and healing. Our God is an awesome God. I know He loves to hear us raise our voices to Him. I have a feeling He grins each time He hears the name Witt, as He knows that Witt continues to bring people to their knees and their hearts to the heavens. Much love from Poetry. ~Mindy

cheryl said...

Oh, my Melski! While I still get glimpses of that little girl whose eyebrows can't help but tell her story, I watch as you have become such an incredible Christian have walked this difficult road that God has called you down with such grace and beauty! (How DO you look so good in the hospital when I'm up there looking disheveled at best?!?) But, most impressive is the depth and maturity of your I told Alicia today, it's staggering to me...I stand in awe as you bravely face decisions that no parent should be asked to make. You are truly amazing and an inspiration to many!!! You have blessed my life since you entered this world and you continue to do so every single day!
I love you dearly, sweet Mel...