Tuesday, January 5, 2010


The cardiologist at rounds today said that Witt could go home this afternoon. This is really great news. HOWEVER, Melanie is slightly hesitant to go home today. Witt has had a lot of head congestion since he came off the ventilator and that is affecting his osat quite a bit. Through the night it stayed 88-91 which is definitely three or four points lower than where it has been. Witt's lungs sound good and it is expected that nasal congestion would cause the drop. Mel just wants to be sure that something isn't beginning with him. She brought it up at rounds and the doctors feel like he is good to go home but Melanie wants to talk to the cardiology fellow one more time. And of course, since she asked the nurse to contact the fellow Witt's osat has stayed above 90! We really would appreciate your prayers for discernment. I know God will lead Melanie in what should happen today...it's an amazing thing to get to witness!


Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

I love how "aware" Mel is. Praying for all concerned. ~Mindy

The Apiary said...

Is that with the oxygen on?
Or without. Bella's doctor is ready to take Bella off her oxygen but is hesitate because of the cold weather. At first I was ready but once I thought about what he was saying it it made since. She is on the lowest setting and that bit of fresh oxygen in hre lungs I think it a big part of what is help to keep her from getting sick. WE get free range to take her off for periods of time as long as she is stating well. And since we have that freedom it has made life alot easier and the oxygen alot more tolerable.
I will continue my prayers for Witt to come home healthy.

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