Monday, January 11, 2010


Witt has an appointment this afternoon at 3:30 with Dr. Macicek. As usual God's timing is perfect. Melanie has nursed Witt along ever since he got out of the hospital. He is very very congested and its very thick. A couple of times he has choked and had a hard time catching his breath. He's consistently on oxygen and Mel turns it up and down as needed. Most the time Witt acts like he feels pretty good. Today, Melanie and Austan really welcome the trip to Texas Children's. She's thinks there is a chance that Witt will be admitted till he gets over this congestion. At any rate, it will be comforting to have his cardiologist's opinion of what's going on and should be done! I started to write how I marvel at Melanie and Austan but the words just didn't seem right because I know that it is all God so I continued reading in my Bible. God certainly knows how to put things!!!!

Psalm 71:7~ "I have become a marvel to many, for You are my Strong Refuge."

This is why I marvel at Melanie and Austan. Not because of anything they have done but because of what He has done. He has made Himself their Strong Refuge. He is their Hope in a walk that has to at times seem hopeless, He is their joy when a day is only filled with tears, He is the very air they breathe when it seems like hurt won't allow the next breath. And somehow through it all He just brings laughter and it's usually through Witt!

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Raley Family Blog said...

God is good and God is mighty! What an awesome God we serve! Praying today for the doctors to have the wisdom needed to make the best decision for Witt. We pray for healing that this congestion would clear up. Love you all.