Friday, January 1, 2010

HAPPY NEW YEAR...2010...WOW!!!



Today is the big change in Witt's feeding. He is being totally switched to Peptamen Junior formula. It's being diluted with water so that Witt gets the right fluid amount at 27 calories per ounce. The Peptamen is not going to be gradually added in. It will just be given as his next feed. Please pray that he tolerates it just fine!! That's the only change for now but that's a lot. I can't imagine what God has in store for Witt, Melanie and Austan this year but I can imagine that God will be glorified as He directs their every step!!!!


rise' said...

What a cool little man he is!! And what a faithful God we have!

Gayle said...

Happy New Year! What a year! We were thanking GOD for who HE is, what HE means to us, and for so many blessings. Huge on our list were the blessings we've seen in Witt's and your lives. No matter what happens in the "world", God is always there, lovingly handling every need in His perfect timing. We continue to pray for Witt and all of you.
We love the pictures. Witt has the sweetest giggle. He makes us smile!
Bobby and Gayle

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Ahhh. Good news. David and I have been out of town and away from the internet for 4 days. The first thing I did when I came home was look at Witt's latest. When I read this, I was thrilled. Yea! Happy New Year to Witt and his entire family who we hold in prayer daily. ~Mindy

Glenita Hayden said...

Thank the Lord for our little Witt-man !! I love him sooo dearly & can't wait till we can see his precious little face again. And I thank Him also for the family God sent him to!! And as a part of the Zapp clan I feel that too !! I hope Carolyn and bud r doing ok and Karen and Jim and all the rest of u. This must be baby year! Annalee again with their handsome boy and then on the 30th Autumn & Kyle had their baby boy. I am pretty sure he looks like his aunt Nita!!
I keep everyone in my prayers! Love y'all ! Nita