Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Today's plan for Witt is to make a small change in his enalapril and up his food volume a little bit more. Witt is still probably a little on the "dry" side which keeps his blood pressure a little low too. The enalapril needs to be adjusted for this. Once his food volume is where it needs to be they will work to change him over to the now age appropriate formula. Honestly, by the way Witt is acting, he seems to feel really good!

Today OT is starting back up. The cardiologists said it was perfectly fine to continue working with Witt on eating the baby foods. He is sleeping much better at night now. At home he sleeps through just fine but in the hospital its a much different routine especially when he was in the PICU. They are doing cluster care so that someone won't be coming in at all times and respiratory has orders to only do therapy when he is awake. Dr. Macicek and Dr. Jeffries stopped by to see how Witt was doing. Dr. Knudson, Witt's current cardiology fellow in the hospital is wonderful but its also a great comfort to know that Witt's regular cardiologists are following his treatment too!

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