Sunday, December 20, 2009


Witt continues to slowly improve. The main overriding goal is to wean him off the vent. His levels that are taken in blood tests are staying in the normal range. The blood sugar is tested very frequently to be sure it is staying up as they make some changes in his feeds. The doctors were trying to get his feeds back to the home regimen but have had to change slowly because Witt's stomach/abdomen is pretty bloated. The concern about this is that when there is bloating in the abdomen area this can exert pressure on the lungs from the outside constricting them from expanding. In order for Witt to continue to be weaned off the ventilator his lungs need to be expanding well. They may need to change Witt from formula to something like pedialyte that is easier on the stomach and gut. Overall he is improving. He is sedated as needed which means he is awake quite a bit. They give him sedation when he gets agitated and "fights" the breathing tube. Witt's eyes have always been very expressive and especially now since all he can do is look at you! Here are a couple of pictures and a video from a week ago at ER. As soon as he gets off that ventilator newer pictures and video will be posted!

One of my prayers through all of Witt's hospital stays is that I don't get so focused on what we are going through that I miss an opportunity to allow Christ to minister to others here as well. There is a lot of heartache right now in several families with children in the PICU. One family is making the decision whether or not to remove there 15 year old daughter off life support. Another family's son has maybe 32 hours to get an organ transplant or he is expected to die. I know it would seem like this would be a place where God is absent but it is the opposite. I know that wherever there is heartache, despair, hopelessness there is Christ...holding on to those who know Him and reaching out to completely embrace those who don't. His presence in here is undeniable! As you continue to pray for Witt to heal would you pray not only for strength for Mel and Austan but also for the other families as well. Pray that they draw closer to the Living God or perhaps meet Him for the first time!


cheryl said...

Karen...thank you for constantly reminding us to keep our priorities straight...and to always have our eyes and, especially our hearts, opened to receive Christ even in the most unlikely of places. Thank you for never wallowing in the "why's" but always showing us the "praises!" You are an inspiration to SO MANY! I will be praying for all of the families in TCH tonight and especially for the two that you heart hurts for those families.
I love you!

Gayle said...

We have lifted special prayers not only for Witt, Mel, and Austan, but for the other families who are there with their loved ones. Our Heavenly Father knows each one by name and knows their specific needs. I know He has them wrapped in His loving arms. I pray that all will feel His presence tonight and hear His voice tenderly calling them closer to Him. I pray for strength, peace, and rest for each of you and for them that only God can give. No matter where we are, God is with us. He is the light in the darkness. Karen, I lift you to God so that He may continue to fill your spirit and to give you the strength and the peace you need to stand with your family as well as witness to others. My heart and prayers are with each of you.
Love you,