Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Witt now has a pic line in his arm and the central line has been removed. The area that was becoming infected can now be more easily treated. It's hard because its inside the diaper area. Respiratory has turned a couple of things down on the ventilator as Witt continues to get dried out and is breathing better.
We found out today that Witt's little roommate has RSV! This is very contagious and could be absolutely devastating to Witt if he caught it! Mel has talked to the doctors to see if either Witt or the baby could be moved. We were told that there aren't beds available to make a change. The threat of RSV is one of the main reasons that when Witt is home and healthy he is not allowed to see people especially his little cousins! AND now his roommate has it! Melanie has done what she could to remedy the situation and clearly it is in God's hands. Tonight I am calling on God, Our Shield to literally be a shield around Witt protecting him from all illnesses here! Also, I am praying for his little roommate who was born with some lung issues and now has RSV. God, The I Am is Able!!!!


Kelli said...

Praying that a HUGE shield is placed around Witt. Lord keep him safe from the RSV!

cheryl said...

As I pray for protection for Witt, I must admit that I am, at best, baffled by decisions made by one of the VERY BEST hospitals in our nation. But, as Karen reminded me several times today, "Our God is bigger!" I praise Him and give all thanks to HIM!
May God Himself literally wrap His arms around Witt to protect him. AND, please God, heal the sick baby that shares his room.
I love you all dearly!

trash talk said...

I am standing with you and beside you that God will speedily heal the poor little sick baby before Witt is affected or exposed. I, like Cheryl, have to question the hospital, but with God in control, things will happen according to His plan and not theirs.
I am wishing y'all a quiet Christmas with all my love.

Gayle said...

I agree with Cheryl. I can't imagine this decision, but nothing throws God off guard! In my study the other day, it talked about how God can take a crooked path ( or a sick roommate) and work it for Good. So again, we stand firm in our faith and trust in our Heavenly Father. Both of these children are made by the Creator of perfection Himself. So we join you in praying for the shield of protection around Witt, thanking God that Witt is breathing better, and praying for the little roommate. Thank you Lord for holding both of these precious children in your healing hands. May we continue to keep our eyes and hearts focused on YOU and not on the circumstances. You are in control and we TRUST YOU!
We love you guys! We pray for rest, peace and JOY for each of you!
Gayle and Bobby

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Nevertheless, I will praise God. He is always in control. I pray for that baby's healing. Maybe the family needs some Witt family inspiration/witnessing. Maybe he needs prayer, and know, he is in my prayers. Witt and the family continues to be in my prayers. Our creator is wise and will provide. I will pray for the quick healing of that child and for Witt to stay clear of that illness. Much love and prayers continue. ~Mindy

amy said...

my girls were preemies and i KNOW the scare of RSV. Praying for protection and for an OPEN BED for Witt to be moved. Praying for peace for each of you. God is so big and so good.

David said...

Praying that God will protect and heal both Witt and his roommate.