Friday, December 25, 2009


Merry Christmas!!

The plan is to take Witt off the vent this afternoon. This is one of the best Christmas presents...GLORY! I join with all of you in celebrating the birth of this world's Savior...the birth of Witt's savior...the birth of Christ! This is not at all the way I would have planned Witt's second Christmas but I would have never planned the Savior of the world to come as a baby born in a manger...born to suffer. Yet this was God's perfect plan all along for His Son. It made perfect sense to God then and makes perfect sense to us today! Right now, God's perfect plan for Witt makes sense to Him even if it confuses us. Right now we only see in part, a glimpse of God's perfect plan for Witt. Today, My God has given me the gift I that I have needed the most. He has filled me with hope, faith and trust in His plan so that even though I sit this Christmas morning in a hospital by Witt, I am inexplicably bursting with joy(and honestly giggling a little as I type in red and green)!!!! Merry and blessed Christmas to each of you. May you be filled with joy no matter where God's plan has you today...a joy that is ours because of God's perfect plan for His Son.


Kelli said...

Merry Christmas Witt and Family!!!

Debbie Mueller & Fam said...

Precious pictures of Austan and Melanie with Witt! Thank you for sharing them. What an awesome gift for Christmas! Praising God with you for this special blessing today. Witt looks so good. We're so thankful he's doing better. Karen, thank you for sharing your heart with us. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!