Saturday, December 26, 2009


Witt is doing well off the ventilator. He has only needed about 1/2 liter of oxygen through just a regular nasal CPAP. The doctors have no reason to believe that he won't eventually be back off oxygen completely. His labs look good tool! He didn't sleep much last night which seems to happen in a hospital. Last stay he got his days and nights all mixed up. In the middle of the night the TV seems to entertain Witt which is helpful at 4am!

The doctors debated on whether or not to send Witt to the 15th floor today or tomorrow. They decided to wait till tomorrow. The last thing the doctors want is Witt to go up to the regular cardiology floor to soon and have to come back to PICU. Tomorrow morning the process will be started for the move up!

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Gayle said...

He is a cutie! The news sounds great. Thanking God and praying for an easy move to the 15th floor as Witt continues to improve. Praise God from whom ALL BLESSINGS, comfort, and joy flow! We love you all.
Bobby and Gayle