Friday, December 11, 2009

ER visit...please pray!

Witt has had some diarrhea the past couple of days so Mel has been carefully watching him for dehydration. She has been in close contact with the cardiologists and they have been withholding the lasix but he seemed a little worse today. At his check up with Dr. Lange this afternoon, Mel and Austan asked that extra blood work be done to make sure that all of Witt's levels were remaining in the normal range...the test showed that his co2 and sodium were way off. After unsuccessfully trying to reach the cardiologist on call, Mel and Austan decided to take Witt down to the ER. The charge nurse in ER explained that his blood work results are indicative of dehydration...the trick with Witt will be to rehydrate him at a safe the past, pumping him full of iv fluids has triggered significant problems.

Once again, I'm in awe of Mel's motherly instincts with Witt! She knows him better than most of us know ourselves. But, even more impressive is her willingness to act on her instincts and act FAST! It's so very important that these issues are taken care of as early as possible before other complications arise.

Please pray that the doctors are able to accurately and swiftly diagnose Witt's trouble right now and that he is healed quickly! Mel and Austan are preparing to move back into their own home this weekend...I'm praying fervently that will still happen instead of another hospital stay. But, as always, HIS WILL BE DONE!

In Christ,

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