Wednesday, December 16, 2009

10:00pm Wednesday...GREAT NEWS!

All of Witt's "numbers" are trending positively...meaning those that need to go up are doing so and those need to go down are going down!!! PRAISE GOD! The doctors have decided to maintain status quo for the night at least. He will still be getting the sugar water mixture through his feeding tube and no diuretics or heart meds. As Karen explained, "that may all change in the morning but that's what's happening now!"

Our dear friend, Rise', sent lyrics from a song that her church choir will be singing for their Christmas program...she said it makes her think of Witt and his family every time they practice it...
Sometimes faith will bring you
to trust a promise that's illogical.
Sometimes faith will lead you
to cling to hopes that seem impossible.
So often faith looks foolish,
a leap into the dark,
but that's not how it is
for the believing heart.
Doubt will always whisper
there's no one there to catch you
when you fall.
Fear will come to rob you
of any chance to see a miracle.
So trust the One who loves you
Whose Word won't let you down.
'Cause resting in His Grace is
where your strength is found.
'Cause when all your dreams have fallen through
and your plans come crashing in on you,
don't lose hope no matter how it seems.
'Cause faith will hold you closer...
Faith will keep you safer...
Faith will take your farther than a dream.
In Him,


David said...

Great lyrics! So glad Witt is doing better. Will keep him in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Praise God!!! So glad to hear Witt is doing better. The lyrics are beautiful as well. Keep the faith!

Gayle said...

How Awesome is our God!!! Thank you, Father! We are so glad to hear the news about Witt. You are all in our prayers.
The lyrics are great.
Love you,
Bobby and Gayle

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Wow! What wonderful, inspirational words in the song. And such good news about Witt's numbers. Prayers continue. ~Mindy

Marjie Murff said...

Beautiful words in that song from Rise' - thank you for sharing them with us. Prayers continue for little Witt and all the family. Christmas Blessings to all!

The Apiary said...

So glad he is doing better. Will keep praying for a homecoming..