Monday, November 9, 2009


Witt had an unplanned visit to Texas Children's and Dr. Macicek! Witt's oxygen saturation has been staying a little lower the last few days. He had to go back on oxygen last night. The good news right now is that there is no change in his lung x-ray and the echo on the heart looked unchanged too! Dr. Macicek said that it's hard to know right this second if this is the beginning of something or not. He doubled Witt's lasix(diuretic) dose and hopefully that will help enough to get Witt back off oxygen. The next couple of days are pretty critical. If Witt continues to need more oxygen he most likely will need to go back into the hospital to figure out what's going on. However...all in all today was a good day! The tests that were done came back as good as could be expected. Please join us in praying that Witt's diuretics just needed tweaked a little and that he will be back off oxygen soon! You can tell from these videos that Witt seems to feel just fine!




David said...

Sweet videos! Prayers continue.

sonja said...

Precious! Just makes me smile. He is in our prayers.

Debbie Mueller said...

So adorable! I love to hear him laugh. He loves him a Mommy!! Keeping Witt in our prayers always!

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

I just love that face! Prayers continue. I always admire Mel for being in tune with Witt. They are a match made in heaven, for sure! ~Mindy