Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I have a feeling Witt will love rides at an amusement park. He sure gets tickled when you move him all around!

Please pray for Witt's lungs to stay healthy! He has a ton of drainage. Last night Mel put him back on oxygen for a while because his oxygen saturation was staying a little low.

Witt is a constant reminder to me of who God is...He is Merciful, He is Full of Grace and most assuredly He is Mighty. Maybe the greatest gift God has given me through Witt is His peace. It's a peace that is in no way tied to actions or circumstance and it certainly makes no human sense. It's a peace that I think every human being is searching for but will only be found through Christ!


Kelli said...

OH my word that laugh is sweetness to my ears!

rise' said...

That laughing makes me do some crying!! Sweet tears. How good is our God??!!

The Apiary said...

Don't you just love when they laugh. Bella has just found her laugh and well it is a laugh only a parent or grandparent could love. She sounds like a donkey. :) We will continue to pray for Witt.

Gayle said...

There's definitely no dizzy bones in his body! Roller coasters here we come! We love his squeals and giggles.
We are praying for Witt.
Bobby and Gayle