Monday, September 14, 2009


Witt woke up sounding a little junky in his nose and throat this morning. Mel and the nurse suctioned him. The doctor said his lungs sound good and not any wetter. He still looks a little pale but The doctors really want him to recover on his own without a blood transfusion. Witt hasn't had another blood test in the last several days because drawing blood can contribute to his low hemoglobin. Today's plan is to change him over from 10ml of pedialyte an hour to 10 ml of nutramigen at regular strength and gradually increase that amount up to 30ml. Tiny steps! Witt is also getting enough IV fluids per hour to keep the total amount of fluid at 30ml/hour. Witt seems to be pretty sore so at times he is not taking good deep breaths. Melanie just gave him a dose of regular tylenol and that really helps him to relax and rest. For now it is tiny steps, patience and finding our peace in God our Confidence! I was reminded once again this morning that He is all I ever need. Unfortunately, He is not always all I want. Today I had to ask Him to be all I want!!!

Sorry...I have a video but the hospital internet won't let me upload it for some reason.


Hilary said...

Praying buddy!!!

sonja said...

Also praying, and I SO understand those words...the heart prayer that says He is all I WANT, that is harder sometimes than He is all I NEED... He is constantly 'lining us up' to learn His right along with you guys. Praying for our precious boy!