Wednesday, September 23, 2009


(from month 1 to month 11)
the doctors are still working hard to get witt's feeds regulated, and he isn't digesting very quickly. our prayer is he can get off continuous feed soon and go home.

mr. witt,
in some ways it's hard to believe it's been almost a year since your birth day, but in other ways it's so hard to remember our lives without you! you have expanded all of our hearts for 11 MONTHS now! thank you for sharing your sweet smiles, adorable noises, constant miracles, and melting our heart day after day.
we love you dearly!


Erin Drez said...

A true blessing!!!

Gayle said...

Happy 11 months, Mr. Witt! You look mighty cool in that outfit.
You are such a sweetie! Looking back, it has been amazing to witness God's hand on your life. It makes us "look back" and recognize His hands on our lives. How blessed we are! Thank you , God, for loving us and having a plan designed by You especially for each of us. What a blessing you are, Witt! Your sweet smiles, giggles, and twinkling eyes melt our hearts. You are a JOY, Mr.Witt!

We love all of you.
Praying and trusing God,
Bobby and Gayle

Marjie Murff said...

Happy ll months birthday, are a blessing to many and a wonderful miracle to behold!

Anonymous said...

Dear Witt
You could probably be the most talked about celebrity. I talked about you when I need to give and example of how great and awesome our God is. Will continue praying for healing, Happy 11 Witt!! Blessings, Marta.