Friday, September 18, 2009


I am truly sorry that I haven't updated the blog better the last few days. I have actually been home feeling pretty sick with a head cold. I haven't been able to go to the hospital much less stay with Melanie. Witt is actually doing very well. By tomorrow he will be up to 30ml/hour continuous feed. Melanie told me that the plan is to next switch his formula to the 27 calorie/ounce. The final step that will take place over several days is to get him on a feeding schedule of 100ml over 30 minutes to 1 hour every 3 hours. I believe that is his last step before going home. Melanie said his lungs are doing well and his blood tests results are good! I plan on staying with Melanie and Witt for the first couple of days of next week then its time for me to head to Warrenton for close to 2 weeks. I know Mel, Austan and Witt will be just fine. I have watched them continue to dwell in the shelter of the Most High and abide under the shadow of the Almighty. He is their Refuge and Fortress; their God in whom they trust!!! Even knowing this, it's hard for this mother and grandmother to leave but its one of the greatest blessings to watch God strengthen and carry them!

Cheryl and I think that you guys should submit your ideas for a caption for this picture. It is one of my favorites! I think Witt is doing his best Mr. Bill imitation...."Oh no, Mr. Bill!"

Not sure their are good enough words for this picture...pure sweetness!

New baby bracelets?!!!!


David said...

Now that you mentioned the Mr. Bill thing, that's all I can see! Precious pictures and video!

rise' said...

I have to agree with David. It will be tough to top Mr. Bill!

How wonderful to hear that Witt and mom and dad are doing so well. God is Mighty!!! Karen, I'm sorry to hear you've been sick. Take care of yourself, woman!

Love to all....

Devon said...

I did not know Witt's eyes were such a pretty grey-blue color! I love the pics--my guess for the first one: bowling ball impersonation?

Angie said...

What a cutie! Can you email or call me when you have a chance? I met you at Lisha's shower in February (I was the other pregnant one).

My husband and I are planning a golf tournament/fundraiser for Witt and Elle (some day in Nov), and we'd like to be able to post a link to our blog from yours. We really want to do something to help and think we can raise a lot of money for them this way.

Please contact me when you have a chance. Thanks!

Angie Goings

sonja said...

..."Oh-o- Say Can You See!"....whatever he is saying or singing, he is really into it! Karen, take care of yourself, at least for a few days maybe you can rest up before the show. Thinking of all of you....

Grma Anna said...

Love the pictures and videos. I think he is gearing up to sing, "Oh Holy Night"!!
We are so happy that he is doing so well. God is soooo good!!
Much love to all,
Anne and David Beyer

trash talk said...

He could be singing "Oklahoma", but we all know better than would have to be "Texas Our Texas" around here!
How about "Oh what a beautiful morning! Oh what a beautiful day!
I gotta wonderful feeling, everything's going my way!" Thanks to the Lord!!!