Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Witt is feeling much better...a lot of chatter and smiles! The doctor (Dr. Wesson) that will do the fundo surgery came by to answer Melanie's questions. One question was whether or not this could be done laparoscopically. Dr. Wesson will talk with the cardiologists and the cardiac anesthesiologists. Laparoscopic surgery is less painful right after but there are a couple of big concerns. First, doing the surgery this way could take 1 to 2 more hours which would mean that much longer under anesthesia. Second, in order to do this surgery Witt's abdomen would have to be filled with carbon dioxide then his lungs would have to absorb it. Witt in the past has had issues with too much carbon dioxide in his lungs. Dr. Wesson will talk it over with everyone and make the best choice for Witt. He mentioned that surgery might be able to take place by the end of the week but nothing is scheduled. Witt's medical knight in shining scrubs came by too...Dr. Macicek! He had been out for a week. He visited with Mel and joined the other doctors for rounds with Witt. Dr. Macicek was the first cardiologist Witt had beginning back in December. To have him still on Witt's case is wonderful!

Maybe Dr. Macicek is drawn to Witt's snappy dressing!

Witt rested well last night but apparently his hair didn't!

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rise' said...

Great pictures!! Love that hair!