Sunday, September 27, 2009


Witt may go home tomorrow!!! He is up to 175ml of feed 4 times and day. Yesterday he got the flu vaccination. This past week has been a little crazy. All of the family is in Warrenton for the antique show. Melanie was sick for a couple of days and had to stay away from Witt. Through many tears she spent 2 nights at home and Austan took over. Austan called Mel and let Witt hear her voice over his phone!

Witt has been resting well. Here's a picture of Witt and Bert playing "me and my shadow"...I promise I didn't position either one!

I had dreaded the start of the antique show this year with Witt still in the hospital but God truly is Faithful. Time and time again as the show approached I witnessed God's provision for Melanie, me and my family. I have seen it in Austan and his family, in my friends that rallied around and in our dealers that have cut us slack, stepped in, worked and are faithful prayers for Witt. I miss Witt but it is impossible to not be filled with joy to be out here where God is so evident!!!!~Karen


Dennis said...

If we can help, due to our schedule, most likely on this comming sat.

Let us know....I cant do alot of lifting but can take orders for hambergers etc.

First of all we remaine in prayer for all esp Witt.

Dennis and Kay

sonja said...

I still have 'withdrawal' symptoms every time Warrenton starts, it is Zapp Hall and all of you that I miss the most! Love to all of you down there right now, every time I picture the kitchen, Jim is standing over the grill doing his chicken thing!

rise' said...

Praying you get to go home for sure!!! God amazes me as He is so evident in and around you. He is just so good!!!