Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Witt has had a chest x-ray and just finished an echo on his heart. The x-ray did show the upper right lobe to be a little worse. The echo was ordered to rule out that the mitral valve was worse and causing the lung to be wetter. The echo showed that the valve is doing fine....it's not any worse at all! With that result in hand, the attending believes Witt's still just needs some time to dry out from surgery. He was given an extra dose of lasix by IV to help. It's great news that the valve is staying the same and not worse with what Witt has been through. Dr. Morales came by today and with a big grin said that looking on the bright side its good news that Witt is not in the hospital because of his heart! That truly is good news....thank you, Lord!!!


Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

I like it when there are good sides! ~Mindy

Gayle said...

Our joy comes from God--and look how it showed in the big grin from Dr. Morales. We continue to prayer for God's incredible plan for precious Witt, Mel, and Austan.
Love you guys!
Bobby and Gayle

Mandi said...

It's does my heart good to jump over here and read good news! Thank you, Lord!