Friday, September 4, 2009


The doctors came by for rounds and the pulmonologist just left. A lot is up in the air but here is what we know...
~Witt does have aspiration pneumonia so he is on an antibiotic to treat it.

~Witt's lungs are wetter overall so he is going back to a heavier regimen of lasix by IV.

~Witt is still "grunting" and gagging with the lower calorie(less rich), slower, continuous feed so you can probably assume the stomach issue is not from the feed itself.

~Gastro has backed down on being so firm that Witt is digesting slowly(slow motility) so he is now on Erythromycin to speed digestion up.

~Witt's BMP number is high. This number reflects how hard the heart is having to work. It could be simply because he is sick. The cardio myopathy team(Dr. Jeffries, et al.) has been asked to follow Witt also.

~Most likely Witt will need the fundoplication surgery to keep him from aspirating on what is in his stomach regardless of the cause.

Right now Witt has 2 major issues apart from the always present heart condition. Witt has been throwing up and Witt has pneumonia from aspirating on his throw up. The doctors are very dilligently trying to come up with an immediate plan and long term solution to both! The attending told Melanie that Witt would most likely be here for a couple of weeks in case she was making plans. Mel's most humorous response: "I haven't made plans since I birthed him!"
But, Melanie is walking in the hard plans that God has planned for her and Witt right now and doing it with the grace of God and humor!!!


trash talk said...

She is amazing and my hero.

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Grace. It is such a beautiful attribute. Mel, I so much admire you and I'm sorry that your grace is needed and tested on a daily basis. You and your family continue to witness to me. Prayers continue. ~Mindy

rise' said...

Love that Mel!!

Deela said...

That should be Mel's next Facebook status. Love that the doctor felt oblilgated to be sure she wasn't committed elsewhere :)