Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Witt was admitted this afternoon and is all settled back in at TCH. He is on the cardiac floor but not in a "step down", he is in a relatively low level of care room. Mel continues to blow us away with her incredible mothering skills! She really goes to bat for her son and stands her ground...we've seen this in her personality since she was a little tyke and it's absolutely AWESOME (in the purest sense of the word) to see how God has used it for Witt...He has been weaving this tale for years and years, prepping us for what was to come...thankfully, Mel and Austan have willingly allowed Jesus to work through them as they take each step on this incredible journey of LOVE.

Here's where Witt is now...his respiratory rate is fast, even for Witt...he has held down Pedialyte so far tonight with meds...his lungs may be a little wetter but not significantly...his first bloodwork from this afternoon came back really good, including his blood gasses...the sweet little man just doesn't feel well. SO, we really need to rule out some big things before the docs can look further...

Tomorrow, Witt will have an echocardiogram to take another look at his mitral valve.
This afternoon one of the cardiology docs said that when a heart patient is vomiting he always suspects the mitral valve until it's proven that it's not.
So, that's precisely what we're praying...
that the echo will PROVE that the mitral valve has NOT gotten any worse.

While I simply can't even begin to imagine what Mel and Austan are feeling, I know that I do speak for them when I say how truly THANKFUL we are for the people that bring Texas Childrens Hospital to life...these incredible folks dedicate their lives to this place to a degree that I just can't fathom...may God BLESS them and their families in a mighty and abundant way!

As Witt, Mel and Austan prepare to stand toe to toe with these giants once again, I pray that they have the strength of thousands to hurl those rocks!

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Raley Family Blog said...

We finally have internet at the house. I was just getting caught up on the blog. Please know that I am praying for Witt, Mel and Austan. What a testimony they are to me. Love you all.