Sunday, August 23, 2009


Witt's been doing real well this weekend. It has been like most weekends in the changes unless the patient needs something and Witt didn't! The doctors are still trying to figure out the stomach issues and the possible milk allergy. Witt in some ways is doing better but the formulas seem to upset his stomach. Melanie said he has not thrown up after a feed today but has come close a couple of times...still that's an improvement! Witt might be moved out of the step down room (which is close to a critical care room) to a regular room on 15 tomorrow or Tuesday!
Dr. Morales (the heart surgeon) stopped in yesterday. He told Melanie that he never expected Witt to be doing as well as he is right now! Dr. Morales said he expected Witt to have to stay on the ventilator and require some kind of more immediate intervention on his heart! Our God is Mighty...Mighty to Save! Tomorrow, Melanie and Austan might hear back from the transplant team. Right now we are basking in the miracles that God has already done and praising God for who He is in Witt's life!!!

Witt tried trading in his pacifier for his hand!

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rise' said...

Red hair...fair skin...sucking that left thumb. Yep, he takes after his Aunt Rise'!