Monday, August 3, 2009


Check out the clothes!

The new cardiology fellow came by today. They are trying to figure out how to wean Witt off some of the diuretics and still keep him from positive fluid level. Late last night they had to give Witt more diuretics because he was 200-300ml positive. He hasn't tolerated being weaned off the diuretic. We are not sure why the fluid builds up...if the heart is in anyway involved. Maybe by tomorrow we will have some more information! What I do know is we just need Witt to NOT need so much diuretics!!! That is the only thing standing in the way of moving forward to another floor. Witt stayed awake most the day smiling (flirting!) with the nurses and visitors. Melanie and I laughed a lot at him...yes at him!!! I was visiting with the grandmother of another baby in here who underwent a liver transplant. She said this is the worst experience she has ever lived through and the best experience. She said she knows that's a weird statement but I understand it. I would never wish this on anyone but I will proclaim for all the world that I know my God in ways that I never have and have experienced His faithfulness like never before. This might be some of what is the worst this life can throw at you but God sends His best to meet it!!!

Witt...he's part of the best!!!


Gayle said...

What precious pictures of Witt! His smile and twinkle in his eyes melt our hearts!
We go through "storms" in our lives that(if we choose) bring us closer to God. He is our Hope, our Strength, our Comforter, the One in whom we can completely rely on, and our ABBA FATHER. Because He is our Father, we can cry out to Him when we are hurting, just as Jesus did in the garden knowing as we do that God's plan is perfect! When we completely trust Him, wait on Him, and completely allow God to handle it, the "rainbow" will come. Peace and joy will be with us! Through out Witt's life, we have seen How God has worked in and through Witt, Mel, Austan, the family, the doctors, the nurses, and the other people you have met. God has been at work in all of us bringing us closer to Him and His kingdom! Glory! Glory! God knows exactly the perfect time for Witt to be moved. He is a God of action! What blessings to see Witt looking so good! One day at a time, Lord!
Mel and Austan, you are such precious examples of that--trusting God one day--one second--at a time. You have shown us how God gives you the strength even when it is not humanly possible, but, by the grace of God, possible to look forward. God wipes away your tears and gives you joy, smiles, and laughter! As we looked at the steam bellowing from the volcano this week, and looked at the devastation all around it, I thought about how we choose to look at storms in our lives. It can look like ugly hard black lava covering the surface, blocking anything beautiful from view. But as we looked closer, we would see a beautiful patch of green with trees right in the middle and lava shaped beautifully all around it. Perhaps it is looking through the eyes of God and not our human eyes when we begin to see the beauty even in a storm. Just as God is growing the island through this volcano, He is growing us to trust in Him. We love you all so much. We continue to pray for God's arms to be wrapped tightly around each of you as His plan unfolds before you.
Bobby and Gayle

Jenn said...

Mom said it perfect! What precious pictures! We love you little guy! We continue to pray for healing, peace, and comfort! God continues to work and we contunie to trust! Love you all!
Jenn & Joseph