Monday, August 17, 2009


Sometime today Witt is having an echocardiogram. They want to see how the mitral valve is doing! Witt's stomach is still bothering him...maybe not as bad but its still causing him to not take good slow deep breaths. It could take several days to discern if he has a milk allergy. Also he's been up since 5am so Melanie is pretty tired. Even though it seems like Witt has made very little progress that's actually not the case. Really every change that needed to be done in order for Witt to go home has been done. These next days will tell us if he can tolerate all the changes especially getting both diuretics by gtube instead of IV. Tomorrow a swallow test has been ordered. Witt may also have a gastric test done to see how fast he digests things. The big happening for today is the echo on the heart! Please, Lord...intervene and correct Witt's valve if it needs it but Lord don't let my joy, my strength be dependent on any circumstance. You are my Hope, the Stability of my times!!!


Marjie Murff said...

Praying for miraculous results from the echocardiogram today! Also praying for definitive answers on Witt's allergy tests and stomach concerns. Thank you, Lord, for your infinite care and concern for our every need!

trash talk said...

Does he love his mommy or what?
What seems like small things to us is huge to someone as little as Witt. The doctors are wise to take things slowly and not throw too much at him at one time. Setbacks are not part of God's plan. I'll be praying for wondrous results from the echo and that the digetive issues will be resolved.

kanishk said...

praying for definitive answers on Witt's allergy tests and stomach concerns.

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