Monday, August 31, 2009


Witt had to be up early and dressed for his cardiology appointment. This was his first outfit for the day but it didn't last long!

Witt had a great check-up today with cardiology! He is still holding his own which we are grateful for especially since he has thrown up at least once everyday. Witt has actually gained some weight and his chest x-ray looked good for him. The cardiologists think it's probably the medications causing his stomach to be upset. At least Witt is not making the "grunting" noises and grabbing at his stomach tube nearly as much! He will go back in 2 and 1/2 weeks on September 18th. I believe his cardiology appointments will be on Fridays now that he is being followed by the cardiac myopathy team. It's not only important that Witt's mitral valve not leak more but also that he not catch even the common cold. I am praying that God truly is a shield about him...a shield from any illness!!!

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trash talk said...

Like you, I'm praying for God's watchful eye over our babies with the upcoming RSV season just around the corner. He looks so stinking cute in his outfit!