Sunday, August 16, 2009


The doctors did start Witt on the broken down formula yesterday afternoon to check for a milk allergy. They also took a stool sample and there was a tiny trace of blood but not enough to to see with the naked eye. One of the signs of possible milk allergies is blood in the stool. Witt will be on this special formula for 7 days. Melanie is a little concerned because his oxygen saturation keeps dropping a bit and is not staying as high overall. A chest x-ray was ordered for tomorrow but she and Austan were going to see about going ahead with it today. They want to be sure nothing is going on with Witt's lungs. Please pray that we get a final answer on whether or not Witt does have a milk allergy. Witt's stomach is still bothering him which we think is what is affecting his breathing. He doesn't take really good deep breaths when its hurting. This causes his oxygen saturation to drop because he isn't expanding his lungs well! We need a definitive answer on the milk allergy to help figure out why Witt seems to not feel as good as he as been feeling!


Anonymous said...

Thinking of Witt daily,
from a reader in Switzerland

Sofia Diaz said...

Me and my family wanted to know how you were doing, We are praying for your full recovery. I am home now doing better after my stay at Texas Children, the doctors help me feel better I hope you can be home soon and God can heal you.
Love Sofia

Anonymous said...

I was thinking about Witt and melanie and austan a great deal during worship today. I have been praying for him, just wanted to let you know.mary nuttall

kanishk said...

I have been praying for him, just wanted to let you know.mary nuttall

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