Friday, July 24, 2009


Today the plan for Witt is to get him prepared to come off the ventilator. Not only do they want the vent settings to be as low as possible but they also want Witt's feeds in a good place and the medicines right. They want the "whole package" to be in a good place. There is a really good chance that Witt could come off the vent this weekend. Once Witt is off the vent the days, maybe a couple of weeks following that are critical. Dr. Morales came to Witt's room last night to tell Mel and Austan of a possible scenario that could play out with Witt. It could be that Witt will not be able to handle being off the vent...that Witt's valves are leaking too much and will fill the lungs with fluid again. If that happens Witt would require another heart surgery. Dr. Morales was incredibly compassionate as he delivered this news. He also said that one possibility would be that Witt will come off the vent, do well and can go home with them managing the leaky valves. He said he would be remiss if he didn't let Mel and Austan know that the doctors have discussed the need for more heart surgery as a real possibility. An echocardiogram is scheduled for today to look at the heart valves. We know that when Witt was really overloaded with fluid the valves (including the one that Dr. Morales repaired) were leaking quite a bit causing back up into the lungs. My prayer is that now that all the fluid levels are back down so that the valves are back to where they were immediately after surgery...that is a possibility. Please, please pray that Witt can come off the ventilator soon and that his heart is functioning good! I know that God has a plan and that with Him it is possible for everything to be working fine. I kneel before our amazing God with a hurting heart...asking God to do whatever it takes to heal Witt's heart. God says to ask Him. I believe He wants us to ask Him so with a spirit of thanksgiving...remembering all that He has done for Witt...I do present my petitions to Him and allow Him to give me His peace that will guard my mind and my heart. Right now our minds and hearts need to be guarded as we wait on God's plan for Witt to be revealed! Please pray for Melanie and Austan...this walk is unimaginable but God continues to strengthen and carry them.


Country Garden Antiques said...

6 more arms are in place to lift you all up! Gina Alan & Ben

Anonymous said...

Precious family, I want you to know that the prayer partners from North Park Baptist church in Abilene are on our knees in prayer for all of you. We know that HE is all powerful and HE is able to do above any thing we ask so we are just leaving Witt in HIS LOVING hands. In CHRIST Jackie Marsh

Wendy said...

Please know that the updates are appreciated as I pray for Witt, Austan, and Melanie daily! I pray each day that Melanie has another opportunity to snuggle her baby boy and that very soon they will get to take him home. They are so lucky to be surrounded by strong family that knows of the love of our God!