Sunday, July 12, 2009


Witt is in quite a bit of pain. He is still moaning even though they were able to also take him off the CPAP. The surgeons are talking with the nurse trying to decide what else can be given to Witt for the pain. Please pray that God Himself eases Witt's pain and pray for Melanie and Austan!!! Nobody knows better than the Father what it feels like to watch your child suffer!!


Marjie Murff said...

Happy Birthday Melanie! We are earnestly praying for Witt's pain to ease up and for wisdom for the doctors in knowing how best to treat him. We pray also that the Lord would continue to give you and Austan His peace and comfort in dealing with all of this. God's love for all of you surpasses all of our human understanding!

Debbie Mueller said...

Happy Birthday, Melanie! Hope you've had a good day considering everything. Praying God will bless this next year in ways unimaginable. You are a wonderful mother and example of God's love for his children. Also, praying that God will relieve Witt's pain and help him to rest comfortably and expedite his healing.