Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Please pray that Witt will start urinating. I am not sure he has actually peed since the catheter was removed. He definitely hasn't in the last 12 hours. The nurse in the middle of the night put a catheter in just long enough to drain the bladder some but didn't leave it. The doctors were hoping Witt would start urinating on his own. This can happen after surgery but of course in the back of our minds is the fact that Witt's kidneys have some issues too. They are also lowering his morphine because that can keep be contributing. Please, Lord, touch Witt's bladder and cause it to work...in the process cause Your name to be glorified!!!! Witt is also being put back on the continuous feed. He was spitting up pretty badly the all at once feeds.

Mel has been able to hold Witt a little bit now that most the tubes are gone!

Also, in your prayer time would you please lift up Jasmine?!! She is the 3 year old daughter of the receptionist in the CVICU waiting room. Jasmine has a very rare case of MS. She lives at home on a ventilator/trach. They were told she would never sit up but she does now. They were told she would never talk but boy does she!!! This is great evidence that God and not doctors has the final say!! Thank You, Father that You make the final decision and those decisions are not based on statistics that humans keep track of!!


jane0531 said...

Witt will start urinating, I'm sure of it because Our Heavenly Father hears our prayers. Thank you for mentioning my beautiful Jasmine flower and I will continue to uplift Witt,Austan, and Melanie in prayer!!!

Daniel E. Gonzalez said...

Witt will deff. be in my prayers and yes God does have the final say on everything! Keep your faith and be strong knowing that all doctors can do is make educated guesses. There is so much that my Daughter was not suppose to do yet everyday she amazes everyone with the things that she does.

"So do not fear,for i am with you; do not be dismayed, for i am your God. I will strengthen you and help you;"
isaiah 41:10

Everyday Good things happen so just be ready for your good day..Witt will be in my prayers and thank you for including my daughter jasmin :) (The Gonzalez Family)

Anonymous said...

We are praying for Witt today, and we rejoice in all that God has done and how HE has used wonderful doctors for you precious boy! mary nuttall

Nancy said...

Wow, Melanie, you sure look like your daddy in that picture!

Praying for Witt's plumbing...Cadou

trash talk said...

Our God could care less about statistics...Bella is proof of that! He only cares about His children and I know He will continue to lift Witt up. Will be praying for a wet diaper soon! I hope y'all are getting some rest. Remember, we are all out here thinking of you and praying constantly!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful picture of you Melanie and Witt.. Witt will finally go and then you will be changing his diaper every 15 minutes.. God answers all prayers.. Everything is in his timing you will see. you guys are awesome and have touched my heart in more ways than one. Just when I think I am having a bad day.. I see you all and makes me appreciate how beautiful life is. God bless all of you.. Truly a remarkable family. Love you guys... Get well soon Witt.. Auntie Maggie loves you !!!.. God will answer prayers..God is good all the time, he will not leave us nor forsake us.... Amen

Anonymous said...

"showers" of blessing!!!