Saturday, July 25, 2009


I was able to spend the morning with Melanie and Witt back in his room. It has been awhile since I have been able to do that and as you can imagine it was quality time. Mel and I were able to talk and I "let" her decorate my face and head with white surgical tape. Witt was able to sleep and get a little rest before the nurses came in with orders to change food syringes, update meds and suction his lungs through the ventilator. Karen spent the night in the room with Witt as Mel used the chairs in the waiting area to get some much needed rest. Yesterday was a fun day/evening with visitors from friends to family. Witt was especially honored to have his Great Grandmama's two sisters come to the hospital for a visit as well. Today they hope to replace the ventilator with the CPAP and give him a little more freedom to move around and to make him more comfortable. He is currently on the lowest level of ventilator assistance.

All our lives are gifts from God that we have only one day at a time. You see that more in a hospital than we do in our busy lives. Because we forget that, we sometimes forget to just live. We forget to share. We forget to love and we forget to forgive. Those are all good reminders for me today and everyday that God gives me. It is in these days that I am most alive to the love and knowledge of God at work in His loving way. Thank you for always sharing your love and prayers for Witt, Mel and Austan. We are all blessed knowing that God is using so many warriors of prayer to strengthen and comfort our family. Have a great day.


Gayle said...

One day at a true Jim. Every minute is truly a blessed gift from our loving Father.
We trust GOd for the perfect minute to remove that vent!
Loving and praying for all of you,
Bobby and Gayle

Anonymous said...

Will continue to pray faithfully, blessings, Marta.