Thursday, July 30, 2009


It's tiring work to be in a hospital

Witt is doing well. He continues on the same course of weaning him down or off everything! I imagine this will take a number of days. The cardiologist would like Witt to remain in the PICU while this process takes place. That's Mel's preference too! It means the recliner room for a while but God has really blessed me in that room! It feels like you are living in an efficiency with a dozen or so friends and strangers! All in one room is your recliner, constant flow of fresh coffee, refrigerator, microwave, secretary/receptionist and maid service! There is an amazing bond that God uses to bind people together through hardships. I have been privileged to meet and pray for so many in the recliner room...most have come and left but amazingly the bond remains!

Please continue to pray for Witt...pray that the weaning process continues smoothly. Especially pray that his heart continues to work well and that the mitral valve leaks even less!!! Above all I pray that God somehow uses this walk we are in for His glory...anything less than that is a real tragedy!!


Sofia Diaz said...

I am Sofia and I am also in intensive care with you, I wanted to let you know that my parents and I pray for you today for your recovery. We bless your life and we know that God will heal you the same way he is healing me.
Love Sofia Diaz

rise' said...

Even with the tube thing he's still cute!!!

susan said...

I continue to check the blog several times a day so I will know what is going on and how to pray effectively for you all. Please continue to update as things improve.....I can't hear this song without thinking of Witt....He is mighty to save, yes He is mighty to save. Forever!