Thursday, July 2, 2009


Witt continues to do better and better! His lung x-ray looked very good yesterday...the best that the PICU attending has seen. Witt's oxygen saturation level is staying very high (almost always 100) even as he is being weaned off the CPAP. I don't know exactly what the numbers mean but he was at a number 10 setting on the now at a 7...will be turned down pretty soon today AND be given throughout the day trial periods (2 hours) off the CPAP. During this time Witt will be on just the nasal cannula like at home!!! The surgery is not before Monday. This seems to be our new phrasing now..."not before"! The cardiac schedule is always up for change because of emergencies and it should be and we would want if Witt were in that position. The cardiologists have ordered an echo today to check for fluid around the heart. A while back the drain was taken out because of the risk of infection but now fluid may collect. Please pray there is no or very little fluid collecting...this could start the whole cycle of why Witt had to be admitted again in the first place. These days are our "hanging in there" days! Please ask God to not just get Melanie and Austan through theses days but for them to be joy filled days. I don't want to just get by as a Christian...I want the very life of Christ to live in us and through us! Today as I was praying I heard God say that we aren't just His hands and feet but we need to the very heart of Christ...a heart that is full of compassion and love for others. These 2 verses keep coming to my mind:

Psalm 4:6 "Many are saying, 'Who will show us any good?' Lift up the light of Your countenance upon us, O Lord!"

Philippians 2:3-4 "Do nothing from selfishness or empty conceit, but with humility of mind regard one another as more important than yourselves; do not merely look out for your own personal interests, but also for the interests of others."
There are so many opportunities here to look out for the interests of others. God has put before me many people to personally allow Christ to touch and many more to pray for. Here are a few situations that I am asking you to join me in prayer for:

Seth...Witt's latest roommate. He is the cutest 5 year old boy who has a syndrome that affects his midline (basically things down the middle of his body). He is in here recovering from surgery to correct his airways. Seth currently has a trach to help his breath. If the surgery is successful, Seth will not need the trach to breath. That is this 5 year olds desire...that he starts kindergarten with no trach!

A single mom...her 8 year old daughter has pneumonia for the second time in a few months and is very sick. Last night I ran into her outside the waiting room. When I asked how her daughter was she just started crying. The doctors were wanting her to decide about putting her daughter on permanent ventilator, having a tracheotomy or even do nothing! This women has been in PICU with her daughter for as long as we have. 2 nights ago she had to return to her night job 45 minutes away. She now works nights, sleeps a little and drives back to be with her daughter and face very hard decisions.

A 2 month old...she is on life support. The doctors recommended she be taken off a couple of days ago. The parents can't make that decision yet. The grandparents and many other family members have remained here day and night. I can only explain the immediate connection I have with the grandmothers is because of their love of Christ.

Teenage boy...I haven't really had the opportunity to visit with the mother yet. We passed each other in the hall. She did say that he is in and out of the hospital all the time as he awaits a lung transplant.

These are only a few of the patients in Witt's pod. The PICU has 3 pods. So, as you join us in our "hanging in there" days with Witt, would you please pray for these people. I will try to update the situations but sometimes I don't even know what happens. Our paths just cross for a brief time and I am given the privilege of praying. I am given the opportunity to not just look out for my own interests but the interests of others! Thank you...that's what you continue to do for my family as you pray for Witt!

It's been a while so here is a video of Witt...CPAP and all!


Anonymous said...

My prayers continue for Witt and everyone else in his pod. Stephaie in Missouri.

Gayle said...

Loved the video! Bob got his CPAP machine on Monday and I have to say, he and Witt look somewhat alike except Witt definitely has more hair and is so cute with his CPAP on!!! What a blessing to have a machine that will help so many people. God helps us in so many different ways and at just the right time. He is our JOY, our HOPE, our PEACE, our COMFORTER, our PRECIOUS FATHER!!! I know He has you tenderly wrapped in His loving arms. He has walked this path before you and is right with you all the time. Isn't it wonderful how He still gives us laughter, smiles, and precious sweet, sweet moments during difficult times?!!!
Oh thank you so,Father,for being with Mel, Austan, and Witt and letting them feel your loving presence, your joy, your peace, your comfort, and your rest. Father, You know their needs and desires of their hearts. You are the Great Physician! We pray for your Perfect Timing for Witt's surgery. We pray for all the people whom you have brought into Witt's life that they may "see" You and feel Your presence. We know you use everything to bring us closer to You so that we may fellowship together. We lift each of these children and their families in that hospital, Father, that they too will feel your presence and will come closer to You,and feel such a peace resting in Your loving arms KNOWING YOU ARE IN CONTROL!!!
We love you guys. You are constantly in our hearts and our prayers!!
Gayle and Bobby