Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Fantastic, Incredible, Great...these words most definitely describe our God but these words were also used to describe Witt by the doctors early this morning!!! Witt is still on the CPAP but hopefully the slow weaning process will begin on that. His blood gases also look really good. He will get yet another chest x-ray to be sure the lungs are inflating fully. Today will also be another echocardiogram. The last one done a couple of days ago was not able to be read. This should show us, the doctors how Witt's heart valves are doing. God has shown us how Mighty He is to Save...please, Lord, continue Your saving work in Witt...ALL to Your glory. Cause Your name to be remembered here!!!


rise' said...

All glory to God!!

Hilary said...


Ruth said...

Fantastic, Incredible, Great, Awesome - great adjectives for a great God!

Gayle said...

Awesome God!! Awesome news!
We continue to pray!
Love you all,
Bobby, Gayle, Jennifer, and Joseph

william evans said...

melanie, austan, karen, jim: you are in our thoughts every day. witt is a real champ. love, bill and peggy evans.