Friday, June 26, 2009


Right now Witt is pretty close to needing to be intubated again. His overall numbers(respiratory rate, Osat, heart rate) look decent but his carbon dioxide is going higher. If I understand correctly that's because Witt isn't exhaling well enough. The shape of the lungs are another factor. An x-ray has been ordered. Part of the vicious cycle you can get in on a ventilator is that being on a vent can actually cause pneumonia! Witt's lungs actually looked a little worse yesterday while still on the vent and that could have happened. Obviously, Witt will need to be intubated for surgery so everyone is doing everything possible to keep him off the vent for now and give him a break for a couple of days! Dr. Macicek and his other more regular doctors should be in the PICU very soon. Austan and Melanie are wanting their input also! Once again Witt's knock out drugs are being held because he needs to be more awake...moving and coughing however the balance here is you don't want him to be too agitated. It seems like with Witt there are always "howevers." Right now I am praying "however, Christ"!!! Whatever the situation, Christ is overall!!!

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