Thursday, June 18, 2009


The problem with the ventilator was that it was out of water! It has a plastic jug that should always have water in it and it was empty. I am guessing it was human error but there are many life saving things in place to cover even human error. I am not explaining this so people can be upset with or blame a's just the opposite. I am thanking God for the human beings who are willing to day in and day out work and make choices in a place where lives hang in the balance. The doctors, nurses, respiratory, therapists are all willing to to work where a small human error can have a big impact but they don't run from that. They show up and carry that kind of a responsibility with the full knowledge that anything short of a perfect performance can have a huge impact on a life! Like Evan just told me...his decisions, a mistake may cost someone some money but not their life. Pray for the medical profession. Praise God for these people who know the risks and yet do these jobs!!!!
Witt has not been taken back yet but right now I am asking God to take over the operating room. I am asking the Holy Spirit to make it Holy ground!!!
I don't have a new picture of Witt to post. Mel doesn't want pictures of Witt on the ventilator posted. I completely understand that so here is one of my all time favorites of him. Just thought
it would be nice to see a picture of his beautiful smile!


Mindy said...

There is absolutely nothing like the way that little boys look at their mothers! I will keep raising all of you up in prayer, especially today. Mindy

Cassie said...

The look on both of their faces is so priceless!

I'll be praying!!

Gayle said...

What a precious face smiling up at his sweet precious momma! What love and joy expressed in thir faces!
Praying, praying , praying!
Love you,

trash talk said...

I love that photo also. God is ever watchful over Witt!

lulu Redstar & Lauri Evans said...

What a sweet little baby. Your faith and strength is amazing and I will keep you all and little Witt in my prayers this evening.
xo lulu

Mollie (aka Mimi) said...

I LOVE that picture! Yesterday I was showing my husband your blog and telling him about Witt. I wanted him to see why I'm glued to the computer so much lately, and that is the picture I showed him. It is so precious.