Monday, June 22, 2009


I hope if any medical personnel read this blog they cut me some slack! There is so much information to take in and try to explain. If there is something that doesn't quite make sense, hang in there. I will probably figure it out at some point! Dr. Macicek said that the surgery will not be this week. Witt will remain in the hospital till surgery which should be next week. They are working now to get Witt off the ventilator. Hopefully, that will happen tomorrow! Dr. Macicek also had MRI results...some answers, some questions. He said that the sac around the heart is thick in some areas which could be due to infection or the anatomy. The thought right now is to remove the entire sac. This could be why the heart is not relaxing (the stiffness). That won't be answered till the sac is removed and see what the effect is. Amazing that you don't necessarily need that sac! They are doing more blood tests too...something about the amino acids. Evidently it will then be up to the surgeons to look at all the test results and decided how and what to do. They will decide about taking a look at the valve to see if it needs repaired or replaced. The surgeon will also decide the best way to accomplish all this. Honestly, I think it means going in through the rib cage but I am not completely sure yet!! The need to actually open the heart will be determined on the spot during surgery...once again, this is my understanding right now!!! For now Witt remains in the PICU. We are not sure if he will stay here till surgery or go to another floor. So many unknowns still and information for the doctors to decipher. One doctor said that we sure were being patient and I said we want God's perfect timing. Please pray for discernment for the doctors like they have never experienced! Please pray also that all of this happens is His perfect timing. Pray that Witt can be taken off the breathing tube and be held by Melanie! Please continue to pray for Melanie and Austan to be strengthened with each step! And finally...pray that the glory of the Lord is evident to all through these steps!!!


trash talk said...

It is frustrating trying to understand all that is being thrown at you. The doctors really do try and explain...I think they just forget we don't have their medical knowledge and don't always follow. I hope for answers to start coming for all of your sakes. I'll continue prayers for answers, understanding and for the doctors to seek in His name what is best for Witt. Thinking of all of you always.

Marjie Murff said...

Continued prayers are being offered for special discernment of Witt's needs by the doctors, strength and patience for Melanie and Austan and the whole family. Praying for you all "without ceasing".

Love in Christ,
The Murff Family

Nancy said...

"Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know."(Jeremiah 33:3)

With loving thoughts and continual prayers--Cadou

Jenn said...

It is so hard to face all of the unknowns. What I do know is that God is in control! I pray for healing so that Witt can be taken off the breathing tube and be held by his precious mom and dad! We love you guys!