Sunday, June 21, 2009


Annalee wrote these words about Autstan when Witt was first born:

AUSTAN-That smile nobody can wipe off your face. The "proud dad" stance that exudes from you. The "proud husband" words that are a constant. Your eyes that are red and puffy from your raw emotions you openly share for your precious son and all of us. The way you can describe in detail each medical aspect of Witt's care and condition.

I wished I was a better writer to put into words the father that Austan is! When Melanie and Austan first got engaged I'll be honest the first thought that came to mind was how great it was going to be to have a "mr. fix it" in the family. I don't believe there is anything around the house that Austan can't fix! Maybe more importantly there is nothing that Austan won't dive in and attempt. He doesn't stop and debate, he just does. It's this same wonderful trait that I have seen since Witt was born. When Witt was born, he was immediately taken to Texas Children's. Austan came back from seeing Witt and was beaming. Austan has never stopped beaming. You see, Austan just jumped right in being a father. God has called Austan to father Witt. God has called Austan to a fatherhood that most men will never experience. Witt responds to Austan in a way he doesn't to anyone else. Sometimes I don't know how Austan does it all. In the midst of going to work are hospital stays, doctor visits and the rebuilding of their house destroyed in the hurricane last fall. But Austan jumps in and keeps going...he just does! Austan has such a strength that is undeniably God. I have seen this incredible strength pour out from Austan in the ER, in the hospital when the doctors said Witt was dying. I also see this strength on a daily basis as Austin is a daddy to Witt. It might be a quieter strength but it is still amazing to watch.

Austan, you are the absolutely perfect father for Witt and husband for Mel. You have jumped in and never looked back. You continue to lead your family clinging to Christ on this journey that must be unbelievably hard at times. I have watched as you have "carried" both Melanie and Witt. I celebrate this Father's Day with you and thank God for blessing not just Melanie and Witt with you but our entire family...Happy Father's Day, Austan...I love you!


trash talk said...

God has blessed Witt in so many ways, but the earthly parents He selected for him is surely one of the greatest proving again He holds Witt in His mighty hands! Brag away...Austan deserves it.

cheryl said...

Happy Father's Day, Austan! You continue to amaze us on a daily basis...Karen said it have carried Mel and Witt on those broad shoulders, always with a smile that seems to begin in your heart and lights up the room. We are all so proud of you and we love you dearly!!!
~The Lehanes, Grandmama and Grandbud

Vickie said...

Thank you for the kind words. Austan is a gentle soul with a giant heart. We had a great lesson on Father's Day this morning at church. It gave me a new perspective on raising children. Although mine are all grown I will pass this on to my sons and share this wisdom with my grandchildren. God's food for thought. How would your child handle being away from all Godly inlueneces if he were taken from you as Daniel and his 3 friends were taken from their homes? They were kidnapped and taken to Babylonian captivity when they were just mere teenagers. They were offered the best education and best food. Yet they chose to remain true to God's commandments and not accept the choice food that was offered to idols. They were in a grand palace and the king was grooming them to serve him but Daniel and his friends remained true to their God! Their capitivity was to say the least not an ideal situation but to compare it also makes me think of children that may be kidnapped and subject to horrific things that we probably can not even imagine. Or what about when kids go off to college and the choices that they are subject to? I think that if the Lord is first in our lives and we raise our children the best we know according to God's word at least they will have the knowledge to choose between what is right and what is wrong. Please equip your children with what they need to face the world under any circumstance. Raise them to be God dependent not independent. Remember it starts at home with you. Happy Father's Day!
I love you Austan!

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

After standing next to Austan in Warrenton, I can attest, he is a big man. After reading about Austan from folks "in the know", I am convinced that he has a heart to match his stature. Big and loving. Witt is so privileged to have been blessed with such a wonderful earthly father. Happy Father's Day, Austan. ~Mindy

Anonymous said...

caGod bless you all. I can not express how grateful I am to got to know you via your blog. You have bless my life spiritually because of your love for God and the way you all chosen to live your life. God have chosen to use Witt's life for his glory. I love Witt with all my heart and I'm praying for a miracle. I constanly talk about Witt and your family to my costumers and guide them to read your blog. Glory be to God today and always. Happy Fathers Day, Austan.

rise' said...

Beautiful words about a wonderful guy! Love this family!!

sonja said...

There could not be a better way to come home tonight and end Father's Day on this note about Austan. I shared it with my husband, we are both blessed to see the pictures and read about this very special father! Happy Father's Day Austan, and when I read your mother's words, no wonder... just like Melanie... you have been taught and learned well by such very special parents. We continue to pray for each one of you as you love this baby and parent him, and most of all, for Witt himself. He is one very blessed little boy to be in this family!

The Green Pea said...

Happy Father's Day Austan. Prayers are with all of you, I will be thinking of you this week. Blessings Sandi

annalee said...

and what a dad (and husband) you are austan. happy father's day to you!