Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Today is sort of a holding day waiting for the procedure tomorrow. The best possible guess for timing is late morning. Since Witt remains on the ventilator he is also kept still with sedation. When it wears off he tries really hard with his tongue to get that tube out! His hands are loosely tied so he won't grab it. The doctors actually just ordered a continuous drip sedation. Witt will also be fed today. Melanie was wondering last night because he hasn't eaten since the very early hours of Monday morning! Melanie is resting now. Please pray for both Mel and Austan that they not only get physical rest today but also emotional rest. Tomorrow's test will reveal a lot about Witt's heart and lungs. I am asking God to heal Witt. I started to say that I will be praying that nonstop but I heard God tell me to leave it with Him! So one last time I kneel at the altar of God and leave my request there with Him and His peace which surpasses all understanding will guard my mind and my heart!


sonja said...

you are so right...the very safest place of all, is Witt being left in God's hands. He's been there the whole way. My prayer is for all of you, Mel, Austan, Karen & are also in HIS hands! Safest place in the world to be. Our hearts are joined with all of you.... God is SO in this whole thing!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Just stopped by to offer the words of encouragement that I pray for Witt many days. We were given grim news when our son was 6 hrs old and were prepared to not take him home. Also, we were told if he did make it, he would be sickly and frail. God intervened and provided the pioneer Dr from Cooks Ft Worth who came up with procedures for infant heart issues. With a grateful heart beyond measure, that boy is 11 years old and already getting attn from the football coaches!! Many prayers come your way as Witt comes up in conversations for strenth and perseverance, you are your child's advocate and are doing a wonderful job with getting him the care he needs!