Friday, June 19, 2009


Witt is doing really well today. The process of getting him off the vent is underway! Hopefully that will take place sometime today. The cardiologists are still trying to piece together all the information that was obtained in the cardiac cath procedure. I know that God has all the answers! My prayer is that as the doctors search for answers in the test results that they too come to realize that ultimately God is the Answer. He possesses all the answers and He is Truth. I pray that they move from just seeking answers in the results to seeking out God Himself! We are anxious to hear from Dr. Macicek and the cardiology team to see if they have a plan. Great timing...Dr. Macicek just stopped in. He said they will do another echo this morning looking closely at the valve and stiffness and come up with a plan for Witt! Please, Lord...whether they personally know you or not, reveal Your plan for Witt to them!!


Raley Family Blog said...

Our God is MIGHTY!!! Love you

rise' said...

I really like God's timing. He just knows!!!

Gayle said...

Thank you Lord for these blessings!God does know all of the answers. His timing is perfect. Praying for Witt and all of you.
Bobby and Gayle