Monday, June 15, 2009


It's a little of a whirlwind here! BUT without a doubt God's whirlwind and not chaos! Dr. Ing was not suppose to be here today but he came in this morning just for Witt. He has done the previous 2 taps. On Witt it's a little tricky because of the size and position of his heart and where the fluid usually accumulates. The tap has to be done on a side entry. Dr. Ing came in during the echo and wanted to do the procedure immediately but in his words: "a kid just got on the table ahead of us." Dr. Ing now has to leave but has total confidence in his associate that he trained and fully briefed about Witt. Once again I am asking God to not only be in control of the procedure but to breath air into Witt's lungs so that he can come right off the ventilator. Witt is next in line for the procedure...he had to bump another child. Pray for that family too! In the meantime Witt has been moved to another room on the cardiac floor. This room is called a step down room but is a step up in level of care...basically the same as PCU (Not PICU). Melanie isn't unpacking because there is always the chance that Witt would need to go to the PICU which would mean back to the recliners. I can't explain the peace I feel but God! It's a peace that is present without any guarantees from doctors or the outcome (they believe it will be totally successful) but the most important guarantee that God is holding Witt's life in His hands!

Just got word that Witt will be taken in about 45 minutes now!!!

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Raley Family Blog said...

We are praying for God's mighty hand as the doctors do the heart tap. We are praying for his lungs to be strong. Praying for peace and comfort for all. Love you guys. We are moving in a week and we have not had much internet lately but please know that we are praying for Witt and check every chance we get. Love you all so much.