Sunday, May 24, 2009


Witt was moved out of the PICU and back to the PCU (7th)! He is back to a room. AND Witt has a tooth! He certainly has been chewing on things. The nurse discovered it today. Witt seems to be getting back to his baseline. His breathing is not nearly as labored and he's getting back to what is normal. Starting this afternoon, Witt is being given the fortified breast milk on a slow continuous basis. Tuesday will be another echo on his heart. God continuous to carry all of us this hospital stay. More and more I realize how much we need Him...we need His strength...His faithfulness!

The "7" balloon now added to the collection!

Witt's first tooth!

Lynn captured this picture of beautiful Witt!


Jess Stevens said...

Congrats on your first tooth Witt!
The last picture you posted is absolutely beautiful! It gave me such a big smile to see him looking to so good. We continue to pray not only for Witt, but for Mama, Daddy & all the beautiful grandparents. Your all simply amazing, our faith is uplifting & I just want to thank you again for sharing so much of your feelings & all that our Lord is doing in Witt's life.
God Bless you all!
The Stevens Family

Rise' said...

I'm so excied about that tooth!! Woo hoo! And, that picture IS beautiful It made me smile, too. God just amazes me.

Nancy said...

Thanks, Lynn, for that beautiful photo of Witt--awesome! Witt, both you and I can now count ONE natural tooth in our head! Rock it, buddy!

Kelli said...

That picture of Witt is hands down my favorite EVER! He looks like such a big boy!

Leslie Hokanson said...

love those big blue eyes and that adorable smile that just sneaks up on you and makes you smile!

cheryl said...

I love that "sweet tooth" and that picture just makes me melt! Such a precious little toot!
Love you so very much,