Saturday, May 16, 2009


Witt is doing well today. Next week is a big week...our God is always Bigger! Please pray:

That Witt will have the surgery in God's perfect timing...hopefully Tuesday
He will stay healthy...he is starting to get some congestion
His heart...that the fluid will be less around it. His echo is Monday
His lungs...they will continue to heal, continue to grow and develop. Chest xray Monday
Pray for Melanie and Austan as surgery approaches...this must be hard!

Thank you for the prayers. I know that when people ask what they can do and I say to pray it can seem like so little. It is everything! The thought of so many people at the throne of grace on Witt's behalf just brings me to tears. Thank you...thank you...he's a really big deal to me!


Biker Chick said...

Witt is growing like a weed! It's so awesome to see his personality starting to shine through in the pictures and videos. I continue to say prayers of strength and guidance for you all.

The Green Pea said...

My thoughts and prayers are with Witt and his family. Best of all God is with you all. Sandi

Gayle said...

He is so cute!! Bobby and I loved watching the video of him reaching for the toy and rolling on his side with the therapist. I love to hear his voice!
God's timing is PERFECT! He knows exactly what Witt is in need of and He will take of it! You are so right! Prayer is everything. God wraps His arms around us and listens carefully to us when we are talking to Him. What a blessing to know so many people are praying right along with you for Witt, Melanie, and Austan. We are praying for God's healing touch on his little body, for peace and strength for Melanie, Austan, and the family, and thanking God for all He has done and will continue to do in Witt's life and the family's life. I thank God for allowing me to become even closer to Him as we have all prayed to Him and trusted Him with His precious child, Witt. We love all of you so much!
Bobby and Gayle

Nancy said...

Praying the list!